Tortorella’s Heritage Clunker

By Mark Leiren-Young Vancouver Canucks Coach John Tortorella really does have a sense of history. On Sunday he successfully reminded everyone of the days when it was embarrassing to cheer for the Canucks. And anyone who thought Torts couldn’t do anything tackier than try to fight another coach was proven wrong when he benched goalie […]

The lost art of imagining retribution

By Jan Drabek Probably the most bizarre attempt to deal with the Stanley Cup riots to date was the announcement of a group getting together to sing O Canada at the corner of Georgia and Hamilton. But other unusual takes abound, among them that of the bicycle-loving mayor of Vancouver who is apparently convinced that […]

The Vancouver riot: thugs are not anarchists

By Frank Moher Memo to Vancouver Police Chief Jim Chu: idiots and anarchists are two different things. I know being a political scientist isn’t a prerequisite for becoming a cop, not even the top cop, but playing the “anarchist” card last week, as you did in defending your force’s handling of the Stanley Cup riot, […]

The face of Vancouver’s Stanley Cup riot

By Frank Moher Overnight, a certain Brock Anton became the face of the Vancouver Stanley Cup riot on the internet. Downtown for the abortive festivities yesterday, Mr. Anton apparently took time out from his busy schedule to post this on his Facebook page: It reads: Maced in the face, hit with a Batton, tear gassed […]