The Newfoundland solution

By Rachelle Stein-Wotten Any actor, writer, director, or producer will tell you the film and television industry is unstable: The feed bag is either overflowing or has just enough grains to sustain you through the lean months. But with the B.C. film industry on the verge of collapse, as Hollywood productions head to Ontario and […]

Sun News might just get its way

By I don’t think there’s really any need for a detailed analysis of the following: Sun News Network, the right-wing, free-market, anti-government “news” channel set up by Quebecor and some former Harper staffers is losing money and wants the government to mandate a special tax on cable consumers to guarantee it a revenue source. […]

An Idle proposal to Canadian journalists: STFU

By Frank Moher Kevin Newman’s interview with Chief Theresa Spence, aired today on CTV’s “Question Period,” illustrated pretty neatly in its first few minutes all that’s been wrong with mainstream coverage of Spence’s fast, and of Idle No More. Newman began by playing social worker to Spence, citing the Chiefs and elders who’ve told her, “You […]

Happy 40th, Beachcombers

By Mark Leiren-Young Forty years ago today, on October 1, 1972, CBC launched “The Beachcombers,” making Canadian television history and the Gibsons tourist industry. “The Beachcombers” became a fixture for Canadian families for almost 20 years. A few weeks after the show’s cancellation in 1990, I interviewed Robert Clothier – aka Relic, the show’s crusty […]

Chip bandits and Nic Cage: Canada’s very viral week

It’s been a very good week for Canadian students on the internet. Or perhaps a very bad one. First, York University student Vanessa Hojda went viral after she accidentally attached a picture of actor Nicolas Cage to a job application, rather than her resumé. It wasn’t so much the fact that she made a mistake […]

Exit, tap-dancing

A BoB short: Canada doesn’t got “Canada’s Got Talent” any more. Rogers Media and Citytv have announced that the series will not return for a second season. “After careful consideration of all factors, including the current economic climate, Citytv has refocused its programming strategy and will not be producing ‘Canada’s Got Talent’ for the 2012-13 […]

TV’s new normal

By Mark Leiren-Young “The DVD legitimized TV as an art form,” Glen Mazzara, executive producer of the monster smash “The Walking Dead,” told an audience of TV creators and broadcasters during an onstage Q&A at the Banff World Media Festival earlier this month. The DVD also changed the TV viewing experience — a change that’s becoming […]