Chip bandits and Nic Cage: Canada’s very viral week

It’s been a very good week for Canadian students on the internet. Or perhaps a very bad one. First, York University student Vanessa Hojda went viral after she accidentally attached a picture of actor Nicolas Cage to a job application, rather than her resumé. It wasn’t so much the fact that she made a mistake […]

Exit, tap-dancing

A BoB short: Canada doesn’t got “Canada’s Got Talent” any more. Rogers Media and Citytv have announced that the series will not return for a second season. “After careful consideration of all factors, including the current economic climate, Citytv has refocused its programming strategy and will not be producing ‘Canada’s Got Talent’ for the 2012-13 […]

TV’s new normal

By Mark Leiren-Young “The DVD legitimized TV as an art form,” Glen Mazzara, executive producer of the monster smash “The Walking Dead,” told an audience of TV creators and broadcasters during an onstage Q&A at the Banff World Media Festival earlier this month. The DVD also changed the TV viewing experience — a change that’s becoming […]

Francesca Eastwood: woman up

By Emily Olesen When Francesca Eastwood, 19-year-old daughter of legendary filmmaker Clint Eastwood, recently desecrated a $100,000 Birkin Bag on the reality series “Mrs. Eastwood & Company,” she was only trying to please her boyfriend. Thirty-year old celeb photographer Tyler Shields, a favourite with young Hollywood actors such as Emma Roberts and the cast of […]

Will “Slings and Arrows” take aim again?

By Zoe Grams When NBC’s dreadful soap-musical “Smash” is the only representation of theatre artists in mainstream culture, you know there’s a problem (for theatre artists, at any rate). So it’s no wonder there has been an online flutter over the potential relaunch of the Canadian comedy “Slings and Arrows.” Creator Bob Martin tells the […]

Arcade Fire wear red square on SNL

A BoB short: Quebec’s striking students received some high-profile musical support last night when Montreal’s Arcade Fire appeared on “Saturday Night Live” wearing the symbol of the student movement, a red square. The Grammy-winners, along with Nick Fraiture of The Strokes, accompanied host Mick Jagger on a version of the Rolling Stones’ 1965 single, “The […]

CRTC reaches for volume control

A BoB short: The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission has announced that all broadcasters, cable and satellite providers, and video-on-demand services must silence erratically loud ads by Sept. 1, 2012. The federal regulator had previously told the TV industry that it had one year to turn down the volume. Rogers Communication, Quebecor, and Shaw Communications […]

Mike Wallace and The Homosexuals

By Montreal Simon I see that Mike Wallace is being given a grand send off and is being called a journalistic hero. The newspapers are full of glowing obituaries, and TV stations have been running clips of his most famous interviews and documentaries. But funnily enough nobody mentioned the famous documentary LGBT activist Wayne Besen has […]