Bad jokes are good PR

by Rachel Krueger Amy Chua is terrible at jokes.  She told one in early January about forcing her seven-year old daughter to practice piano “through dinner into the night” with no breaks, and no one laughed.  The punchline is that the daughter got good at piano.  Har. An excerpt from Chua’s memoir, The Battle Hymn […]

PlayStation nights

By Jodi A. Shaw I cringed this past Christmas while purchasing a PlayStation 3 for my husband. It didn’t exceed my budget and the shopping experience was quick and easy, but I was disgusted with myself for finally giving in. I’ve long had a distaste for video games and have been unapologetically vocal about it. […]

What about the kids?

By Bev Schellenberg Now here’s a thought: According to the crown prosecutor in the case of Christopher Pauchay, the father of two children who froze to death while in his care, it’s important that people care for the children they have. Marylynne Beaton says the three-year sentence handed down on Friday, March 6th, sends an […]

Babies bag big bucks

What with her three adopted children, recent birthing of twins, and husband Brad’s increasingly haggard mug, the rumors that Angelina Jolie is pregnant again have compounded an already drama-riffic life. Everyone is sick of hearing about this lippy femme and her do-gooding and her cat-fighting and her award-winning and her baby-making, but no one can […]

Thankyou, Robert Fulghum

By Bev Schellenberg Students young and old have returned to school, a yearly phenomenon as certain in September as rainfall in Vancouver. Depending on where you stand on the conveyor belt of life, you likely fit somewhere between ecstatic-that-school-has-begun (as in the case of most parents, some students, and some more senior mall-frequenters) to unfazed-and-basically-unaware […]