The Video: “The irony is the clean-up contractors are from Kinder Morgan”

From Vancouver spill: About that 2700 litres . . .: “Officials in charge of cleaning up a bunker fuel spill in Vancouver’s English Bay now say the estimate of what leaked from a grain carrier was a conservative figure. Owen Rusticus with Environment Canada says the 2,700-litre spill estimate wasn’t based on gauges, but was […]

The Video: Vancouver oil spill: “Like, why are we here first?”

From World class assness: “Volunteers were out cleaning up the gunk off the shoreline themselves and putting up home-made signs warning to keep dogs and children out of the oily water. Good on them. Still, sea birds are notoriously poor readers and some had to be rescued when they got soaked in the gunk after […]

Vancouver spill: About that 2700 litres . . .

By Montreal Simon As I’m sure you know by now, I never believed what Cons like James Moore and Greg Rickford had to say about that oil spill in Vancouver’s English Bay. Especially when they and the Harper Coast Guard said that only about 3,000 litres of toxic bunker had leaked out of that freighter, […]

World class assness

By Alison@Creekside Say, remember last year when Rachel Maddow was absolutely gob-smacked to learn that Kinder Morgan had included the economic benefits of oil spills in its National Energy Board application to triple the size of the Trans Mountain pipeline? Well, funny story there . . . Kinder Morgan-owned company called in to clean up oil […]

Hey Boo-Boo, we’re in big trouble

 By Montreal Simon Well it must have been a grim scene in the PMO bunker this week. For years the Con propaganda machine has tried to brainwash Canadians into believing that Stephen Harper is a Great Economist Leader. The steady hand on the wheel, steering us to prosperity, the only leader who knows ANYTHING about economics. […]

Kinder Morgan: A little uncoordinated

By Montreal Simon They have gathered on Burnaby Mountain to try to prevent the giant energy company Kinder Morgan from drilling a hole through its heart. Dozens of young and old activists have been arrested.   But today they won a big court victory, and Kinder Morgan got a big slap in the face. A […]

“The Province”: Doing it right for the petroleum producers

By Alison@Creekside h/t Waterbaby That’s very good, isn’t it? “Kinder Morgan has solved the NIMBY problem by taking the backyard.” I also liked his debunking of the attempt to de-legitimize protest itself — the argument that “protesters undermine the rule of law by claiming to speak for the whole community.” Hey, here’s one now from […]

The Vogons assess FIPA

By Alison@Creekside Prior to the enactment of the Canada-China FIPA, the Canadian government pushed two omnibus bills through the HoC which included provisions designed to substantially weaken environment policies and regulations, some of them at the behest of a pipeline lobby group: G&M : Pipeline industry pushed environmental changes made in omnibus bill The Canadian Energy Pipeline […]

Harper and FIPA: Sell-out on a Friday afternoon

By Montreal Simon He waited until late Friday afternoon to announce that the Cons had ratified their controversial trade deal with China. Hoping that most people wouldn’t notice. Ottawa confirms it has ratified a foreign investment treaty with China, more than two years after the controversial agreement was signed, as CBC News first reported Friday. […]

Kenney’s new “Labour Minister Missing in Action” program

By Alison@Creekside This week Employment Minister Jason Kenney replaced the old LMOA, Labour Market Opinion Assessment, with the brand new LMIA, or Labour Market Impact Assessment — henceforth to be known as the LabourMinister Missing in Action program for its accelerated 10-working-day approval process to put TFWs in skilled trades. Remember those 270 unionized welders and pipefitters laid off from a Husky […]