Avoiding the fate of the nanny

By Frank Moher The Conservatives were once a respectable party. That was way back when they were the Progressive Conservatives, though their alleged progressivism didn’t have much to do with it, as they were never all that progressive. Instead, they were respected for a certain stalwartness and decency, even by their opponents. Leaders like Robert Stanfield and Joe Clark may […]

Don’t just thank Jason Kenney — thank them all

By Frank Moher Jason Kenney, or perhaps someone on his ace staff, has come up with a brilliant idea: hosting a petition on his own website allowing the public to thank him for being such a fine minister. Specifically, the petition invites you to thank Jason for “his efforts to streamline benefits afforded to refugees […]

Life In Canada’s Small Government Dystopia

By David@Sixthestate.net The following post is deliberately alarmist. Orwellian, you might say. I’m not trying to paint a picture of what things are like in Canada right now, or even what I think they’ll be like in the near future. I’m not an idiot. But I do want to paint a picture of the sort […]

Parliament’s latest protesting Page

By Montreal Simon It’s an inspiring sight, and a chilling one. Kevin Page, the parliamentary budget officer standing up for the right to know the truth, in a country where the Big Lie rules. As the Cons try to smear him and muzzle him as they have so many others. They have attacked him for […]