Why I am a disappointment to J. Kelly Nestruck: Part 2

By Frank Moher In the last episode of “Kelly and Me,” I wrote about an exchange via twitter with the Globe and Mail theater critic J. Kelly Nestruck, in which he expressed his disappointment in me for supposing that we might not have the full story of what happened on 9/11. That was over a […]

Why I am a disappointment to J. Kelly Nestruck

By Frank Moher I had an interesting conversation with the critic J. Kelly Nestruck recently, if an exchange on twitter can be called a conversation. I am in the habit, on September 11th of each year, of posting to facebook and twitter a message along the lines of: The best way to honour the victims […]

The Protocols of Jonathan Kay

AMONG THE TRUTHERS By Jonathan Kay Harper Collins 368 pages, $32.99 hardcover, $25.99 ebook Reviewed by Frank Moher On the evening of Saturday, June 26, 2010, Jonathan Kay headed out on his bike into the streets of Toronto to see what was up with the G20. What he saw, he wrote early the next morning […]

Citizen Kos

By Frank Moher You might suppose that as the editor of an online magazine, I’m glad to see the collapse of the old-school, dead-tree print guys. You might suppose wrong. I say that partly because I still write for what we used to quaintly refer to as “the papers” (ask an anthropologist near you), but […]

Remembering Yazamy — badly

By Frank Moher When it comes to Canadian deaths in Afghanistan, our media’s sentimentality knows no bounds. Each time a soldier dies, we are assured that the young person — for they are almost always young persons — loved animals, or to make people laugh, or, in the case of 22-year old Marc Diab, killed […]

“We do not talk about things that we do not have enough experts to tell us about”

By Frank Moher While researching my next-to-last post (and did you realize that “blogging” and “research” are not necessarily mutually exclusive?), I came across the following video: In it, a very earnest and nervous woman confronts Alan Gregg, Chantal Hébert, and Andrew Coyne after a taping of the CBC political panel “At Issue,” with a […]

Facts, and other dispensable truths

By Frank Moher So, this one should have been easy. At a star chamber-style military trial, the Pentagon releases the transcript of testimony by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, purported Al-Qaeda mastermind, in which he admits to a laundry list of atrocities and would-be atrocities. Not only was he responsible for the 9/11 attacks, it says, but […]