Revisited: “How I Got Arrested and Abused at the G20 in Toronto, Canada”

On Friday, the CBC’s The Fifth Estate broadcast “You Should Have Stayed at Home,” about police tactics at the 2010 G20 Summit. Among those appearing in the documentary is Toronto playwright and director Tommy Taylor, whose harrowing account of his arrest and detention appeared on his facebook page (log-in required) within hours of his release. […]

Welcome to Canada, Randy Quaid

By Frank Moher Dear Randy Quaid: I hear Canadian authorities have decided to let you stay in Canada, and, indeed, that Canadian citizenship is now in the works for you. That’s because your wife’s dad was Canadian, so she was able to get her citizenship earlier this month, which means you can now get yours […]

Best Gaddafi speech one-liners

Here, from our Twitter feed, the best one-liners from those watching the Gaddafi speech (and yes, he’s still a murderous despot): InklessPW Paul Wells You see how far Libya is from Western standards of democracy when you see how little thought Gaddafi has given to set design. kady kady o’malley So, is he going to […]

False news is good for you. Really.

By Frank Moher The last time organized an online petition, I wasn’t too nice about it. But when it comes to “false news,” the activist organization is right on money. What is false news? Funny you should ask. I wondered exactly the same thing, when I first heard the phrase last week. Actually, what […]


By Rachel Krueger Bye Bieber Bunting rocks the cover of Rolling Stone next month, looking as bad-ass as his infant-face is capable of.  The Stone is teasing out its Biebernterview by releasing all the salacious bits, and the PITCHFORKS ARE A-GATHERIN.  Particularly around the Bieb’s stance on abortion which, though RStone calls it a “solid […]

Red, warm, and close to the heart

By Jodi A. Shaw I’ve never been shy about my distaste for Valentine’s Day.   I don’t endorse or encourage celebrating it, I don’t accept Valentine’s Day gifts from anyone other than small children who have an innocent appreciation for the “holiday.” Instead, every year I close my eyes, plug my ears, and wait for it […]