Newspapers: no going back

By Frank Moher We are beginning to see the outlines of the newspaper industry’s survival strategy, and it’s going to be this: since what we’ve been doing doesn’t work anymore, let’s go backwards and try something else that didn’t work. Namely, charging for online content. The signs are everywhere. When John Stackhouse succeeded Edward Greenspon […]

Kenney: Leftists = Nazis

By Alison@Creekside Haaretz, May 25, 2009 : A “new anti-Semitism” that emanates from an alliance of Western leftists and Islamic extremists is more dangerous than the “old European” form of Jew-hatred, Canada’s minister of citizenship, immigration and multiculturalism said as he wound up a four-day trip to Israel Sunday. “The existential threat faced by Israel […]

8 years, 18 moves

By Jodi A. Shaw It’s seven o’clock on a Saturday evening and I can’t find my toothbrush. Our new bathroom is chockablock with Rubbermaid tubs filled with miscellaneous items that you have to maneuver your way through to get to the toilet. The fridge is empty (with the exception of ketchup and a bottle of […]

You go, girls

Reality shows: whether you love them, hate them, or feel aggressively indifferent towards them, they are rapidly overtaking sitcoms and dramedies and other such pre-written nonsense. Are they incredibly shallow? Usually. Do they make for excellent theme parties? Almost always. Are you an incredible lame-wad if you watch them alone? I’ll let you be the […]

Yet more disappointing technologies

Shaun Nichols and Iain Thomson of have compiled a list of top ten disappointing technologies. Drum roll please . . . Number 10: Virtual RealityNumber 09: Alternative Search EnginesNumber 08: Voice RecognitionNumber 07: Apple LisaNumber 06: 10 GB EthernetNumber 05: FireWireNumber 04: BluetoothNumber 03: ItaniumNumber 02: ZuneNumber 01: Windows VistaYes, there you have it, […]

Arthur Erickson: The Lost Interview

In 1964, the Vancouver architect Arthur Erickson, who died on May 19th at age 84, spoke with an unknown interviewer about the ideas that would eventually make him internationally-renowned. At the time, he was completing work on Simon Fraser University, the campus in Burnaby, B.C., designed with partner Geoffrey Massey, that brought him world attention […]

The Muldoon and The Oliphant

By Alison@Creekside “The time has come,” the Oliphant said,“To talk of many things:Of envelopes stuffed with wads of cashAnd if they came with strings —Perhaps you only beat the rapBecause the pigs were schwings*.” “But wait a bit,” the Muldoon cried,“Before we have our chat;I have complaints to make,” he said,“Regarding Steve the Fat.”“No Hurry,” […]