Harper, Canada Revenue Agency sign

CRA: The Conservative Re-Election Agency

By Montreal Simon We know the Canada Revenue Agency was given extra money by Stephen Harper to go after the political activities of registered charities. We know that the agency seems to be … [Read More...]


Crying girl

There, there, Stephen Harper’s granddaughter: It’ll be all right

By Frank Moher Ladies and gentlemen, the Canadian Minister of Finance: "TFSA changes a problem for 'Stephen Harper's granddaughter to solve,' Joe Oliver says" When asked by Lang if the plan would saddle future governments with a revenue shortfall in the billions of dollars, Oliver replied, 'I heard that by 2080 we may have a problem. Well, why don't we leave that to Prime Minister Stephen Harper's granddaughter to solve that problem.'" If anything demonstrates the expediency of the … [Read More...]


Rioter and dead bodies in Gujurat

Narendra Modi: Harper’s kind of guy

By Montreal Simon You had to see it to believe it. Stephen Harper welcoming the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Canada. Then travelling on the plane with him to a massive rally in Toronto. Even though Modi is a Hindu extremist, and has been accused of enabling mass murder. Until a year ago, Modi was denied a visa to visit the U.S. because of “severe violations of religious freedom.” While Modi … [Read More...]

The Video

Oil warning sign at English Bay

The Video: “The irony is the clean-up contractors are from Kinder Morgan”

From Vancouver spill: About that 2700 litres . . .: "Officials in charge of cleaning up a bunker fuel spill in Vancouver’s English Bay now say the estimate of what leaked from a grain carrier was a conservative figure. Owen Rusticus with Environment Canada says the 2,700-litre spill estimate wasn’t based on gauges, but was gathered using sensors on the thickness of the oil … [Read More...]

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Allen Ginsberg, photographer

By Rod Mickleburgh I met William Burroughs once. It was during my magical year in Paris (sigh). I’d read in Libération that morning that the legendary icon of the Beats would be at the City of Light’s annual Salon du Livre at the Grand Palais. I thought ‘"What the hell," and went down to catch a glimpse of the famous man, who had been such a part of the Kerouac/Ginsberg Beat generation of writers. In On the Road, the book that changed my life, Burroughs appears as Old Bull Lee. An insatiable consumer of drugs, Burroughs fatally shot his wife during a crazed William Tell re-enactment in Mexico, hung out in Tangiers where the less said about his proclivity for underage boys the better, and found time to write such underground classics as Junkie and Naked Lunch, turned into a movie by the strange David Cronenberg. (My parents actually had a copy of Naked Lunch, which neither they nor I ever read . . . well, as a randy teenager, I did thumb through the book looking for naughty bits. I was disappointed.) The more he aged and mellowed, however, the more Burroughs was celebrated. By … [Read More...]


CBC Newsworld Calgary launch, 1989

CBC’s diminished news world

By Frank Moher The CBC cut some more jobs last month. Where's the news in that, you say? It was just 140 jobs, you say? Just a droplet in the bloodletting of 1500 jobs projected to be lost by 2020? Well sure, but besides the fact that another swack of people are out of work, this round of cuts, to newsrooms across the country, hit Alberta and BC disproportionately. Here's what they looked like: Newfoundland and Labrador: 7 Nova Scotia: 11 Prince Edward Island: 2 New Brunswick: 4 Quebec: 9 Ontario: 30 Manitoba: 3 Saskatchewan: 11 Alberta: 37 British Columbia: 25 Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut: 5 That's a lot of red stuff on the floor in the west, mostly in Calgary and Vancouver, and effectively puts an end to the notion of a decentralized CBC. It's an ironic turn of events, considering that it occurs under a federal government that once launched itself with the slogan "The West Wants In," but has now seen to it, with its cuts to the national broadcaster, that the west is out the back … [Read More...]


JP Sears

Gluten, and amusement, free

By Jim Henshaw I’m not sure if this was a good month or a bad one for the people who enjoy annoying other people. On one side, actress Ashley Judd, after being threatened with sexual violence by Twitter trolls who didn’t like her playfully dissing their basketball team, sued her attackers. On the other, actress Eva […]


Harper and Duffy in Parliament Building

Duffy trial: Harper is the tie that binds

By Montreal Simon If Stephen Harper thought he could run away from the trial of Mike Duffy, as he was trying to do on Tuesday at a photo-op in Vancouver . . . Which is about as far away as you can get from Ottawa, and Ol’ Duff’s even more massive photo-op . . . The look […]


Jean-Pierre Blais

Dear CRTC: More Margaret Atwood won’t save Canadian TV

By Jim Henshaw A decade of boneheaded moves by Canada’s broadcast regulator, the CRTC, were the original inspiration for my  blog. And over its life I’ve repeatedly weighed in on just how dim-witted or out of touch our CRTC Commissioners have been with their decisions. The last was a couple of months ago with the first […]

The Video: Vancouver oil spill: “Like, why are we here first?”