Perps with perks

Harper’s Perps with Perks #14 & 15

By Alisom@Creekside Welcome Vic Toews to Stephen Harper's Perps with Perks for "giving patronage a bad name," as Dan Lett wrote in the Winnipeg Free Press. Appointed to the Queens Court by … [Read More...]

The Video

Harper in HoC

The Video: “Extraordinary, living in a Canada where that sort of idiocy passes for argument.”

March 25, 2015: The Leader of the Opposution doesn't quite call the Prime Minister an "idiot," but pretty much. From International Law? We don't care about no stinking international law. "The Con bench seals laugh and clap at Steve’s joke blowing off the UN and international law because grade six. "Harper went on to explain that Canada will be bombing Syria as part of an international coalition, although the US is the only NATO member currently bombing Syria. The other coalition … [Read More...]


Jean-Pierre Blais

Dear CRTC: More Margaret Atwood won’t save Canadian TV

By Jim Henshaw A decade of boneheaded moves by Canada’s broadcast regulator, the CRTC, were the original inspiration for my  blog. And over its life I’ve repeatedly weighed in on just how dim-witted or out of touch our CRTC Commissioners have been with their decisions. The last was a couple of months ago with the first rulings based on last year’s marathon “Let’s Talk TV” gong show set of hearings. The basic premise … [Read More...]


Heather Reisman at Vancouver Chapter's

The book of Heather

By Rod Mickleburgh Like many Vancouverites, I presume, I have a love-hate relationship with the big box Chapters bookstore downtown at Robson and Howe. Stocking the main floor with almost everything BUT books, bringing in the flag-waving American Girl franchise to what is supposed to be a Canadian bookstore, and, worst of all, the shameful relegation of books by local … [Read More...]


JP Sears

Gluten, and amusement, free

By Jim Henshaw I’m not sure if this was a good month or a bad one for the people who enjoy annoying other people. On one side, actress Ashley Judd, after being threatened with sexual violence by Twitter trolls who didn’t like her playfully dissing their basketball team, sued her attackers. On the other, actress Eva Mendes, similarly attacked for playfully dissing sweat pants, offered a retraction AND an apology. A friend of mine recently asserted that it now takes three people to tell a joke. One to Tell it. One to laugh. And one to be offended. Now maybe all of those third parties were always offended. I once dated a woman who insisted that jokes she didn’t find funny were actually thinly disguised attacks on the butt of their humor. Needless to say, we didn’t last long. But people either finding or manufacturing offense are becoming more common these days. Some days it feels like CNN, FOX and the CBC can’t fill their newscasts without finding something immensely unimportant to stoke outrage about. And even though that might bolster some demographic, it … [Read More...]


Henrik Ibsen

Watch out, Stratford and Shaw: Ibsen Fest is here

By Mark Leiren-Young Happy World Theatre Day (March 27, 2015) . . .  Ibsen-mania has come to Canada. The city of Oslo, Manitoba has announced plans to create a new festival dedicated entirely to the works of Norwegian playwright, Henrik Ibsen, and his lesser-known Scandinavian contemporaries. Oslo Mayor, Hedy Gabler, says she feels the creation of a new Ibsen Festival is a great day for Canadian culture. “It shows that you don’t have to be dead and British to get your own festival in Canada,” says Gabler. “You can also be dead and Norwegian.” After a nationwide search for an Artistic Director, the festival board decided not to hire a Canadian. Explained chairman Nigel St. Clair, “We couldn’t find any Canadian with a plummy enough accent.” The committee selected Tomas Stockmann. Stockmann, 42, is the founder of the Herringbox Playhouse in Norway, a 20-seat experimental theatre in Bergen dedicated to the lesser-known comic … [Read More...]


Quebec anti-austerity march, March 2015

The coming summer of protest

By Montreal Simon As you know I was so happy to see thousands of Canadians taking to the streets to let Stephen Harper and his foul Cons exactly what we think of them. Because I will never understand why we have remained so passive and so quiet for so many years, while Harper and his Cons raped […]


Pens held aloft at Charlie Hebdo rally

Why I was Charlie Hebdo

By Mark Leiren-Young I’d just read the news about Charlie Hebdo when CBC Radio contacted me. They wanted me to come on the air the next morning and talk about what happened, share a satirist’s perspective. They did a pre-interview with me. I burst into tears. I’ve had people threaten to kill me for my […]


"The Grey Fox" poster and John Hunter

He wrote Canadian film into being

By Jim Henshaw While writer muses come and go at their will, each of us is granted a mentor. Very early on I was lucky enough to be taken under the wing of the best screenwriter Canada has produced, John Hunter. I don’t remember how John and I first met. All I know is he […]

The Video: “Extraordinary, living in a Canada where that sort of idiocy passes for argument.”